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Kolcraft -- Sealy Spring Form Crib Mattress Review & Silent Auction!

By Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) at 9:20 PM

When I was pregnant, John and I had so many discussions on what crib and what crib mattress we'd get for Kendall. There are sooo many choices on there, it can get pretty stressful to say the least. Of course you want your baby to be happy and comfortable and of course safe.
We finally agreed but turns out, it wasn't the best for Kendall. The one we bought is extremely firm, turns out... Kendall doesn't like overly firm things to sleep on. Greattt.

I was so excited when Kolcraft agreed to send me a Sealy Spring Form mattress! This is a two sided innerspring mattress that features latex foam.
First let me tell you that we had a 100% wake up free night the 1st night Kendall slept on this! It was so great for the whole family, she always wakes up pretty happy but this day was extra special, plus daddy & I felt amazing after a uninterrupted nights sleep.

The benefits of Innersprings
  • You get amazing posture support. Whenever baby is positioned on the mattress, the interlocking coil innerspring system will adjust to support baby's weight and position.
  • Peace of mind with edge to edge security. No matter how close to the edge a baby moves or a toddler stands, the heavy gauge perimeter border wire prevents sagging!
  • Flawless motion sensitivity. Head-to-toe helical wire is interlaced through each coil to minimize disturbance when baby moves, providing a firm foundation.
We had Makenna stand on the mattress to test out the corner sagging. She's 35 pounds and even with her standing near the corner it didn't budge. I think it passed the test :)

Like me, you may not know the benefits of latex foam. I recently learned that latex foam is very resilient. Latex foam resists compression, also it will respond to a child's movement, and does not heat up and sink in like memory foam.  Latex foam keeps the body cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter for a very breathable mattress. A couple other great benefits of latex foam is that it inherently inhibits bacteria, dust-mites, and microbes from attaching to it, promoting a cleaner sleeping environment. That makes the Spring Form mattress very hypoallergenic & naturally antibacterial!

Like I mentioned before this mattress is two sided!!
Side One Innersprings for Infants:
There are 4 points that I just have to tell you about when it comes to the side for infants.
  1. 204 interwoven innerspring coils for a supportive and firm foundation
  2. All-around border rods keep sides, corners and edges firm
  3. Hypoallergenic layer plus protective wrap for comfort
  4. Plush woven jacquard fabric cover & lock stitched binding
    · Staph-Gaurd® treated to keep bacteria, odor, and allergens away.· Wet-resistant for baby's comfort!

Side Two Latex Foam for Toddlers
Of course we haven't used this side yet but I truly cannot wait because it sounds perfect!
Besides the above great features the toddler side has a few others I just have to mention...
  1. Luxuriously thick hypoallergenic latex foam top layer for ultimate comfort and resiliency.
  2. Airflow pocket allows mattress to "naturally breathe" without the use of metal vents.
  3. Square corners for a snug fit into all U.S. standard size cribs and toddlers beds.

See!! A pretty amazing mattress, right? Can I just say that I'm pretty jealous of Kendall.
Oh and also... the whole mattress is is phthalate and flammability compliant and does not contain toxic fire retardants, plus there is a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials!!

The Sealy Spring Form crib mattress retails for $259.99 but you can buy it at these select retailers for just $199!, Baby and

Kolcraft® and K.I.D.S
Partnering to bring hope to children in need!

Kolcraft has partnered with K.I.D.S (Kids in Distressed Situations); an organization that brings hope and self-esteem to children in need and their families by providing needed products such as crib mattresses, bassinets, strollers and more. K.I.D.S has reached out to more than 64 million children in need since 1985 by distributing more than a half billion dollars worth of merchandise.

Kolcraft has always believed in developing and mnt Auctionanufacturing “must have” baby products that make parents and caregivers’ lives easier. They also understand that certain circumstances have made it difficult for some parent’s to obtain the safe, quality products they deserve for their little ones.

So why a silent auction? Kolcraft has asked bloggers to hold a silent auction for items they review that have a retail value of $200+. This is to not only help donate the proceeds to K.I.D.S, but to allow our readers the ability to help in the donation process and a very good cause.

How The Auction Works:
The starting bid for the Sealy Spring Form mattress will be $5 and will increase in increments of a minimum of $5 each thereafter. If you are interested in participating, you decide how much you want to bid on the item up for grabs. Each interested reader then increases the dollar amount by at least $5.

WINNING: The winning bid goes to the top bidder at the end of the auction. If you are the winner, you will then visit K.I.D.S and make a donation by clicking the Donate Money Now link. After you have received your electronic receipt, send me an email with a copy of your donation receipt along with your name, shipping information and phone number (for shipping purposes) and Kolcraft will then ship you the Sealy crib mattress!

Please follow K.I.D.S on Facebook for all your up to date information about donations and news.

I strongly encourage you to make a donation even if you do not have the winning bid or if you do not care about winning in general. It's so simple to make a $5 donation and walk away knowing you are doing something great.

Please help spread the word about this cause and silent auction by posting on your Facebook wall and Twitter profile:
RT: Win a @Kolcraft Sealy crib mattress via a Silent Auction to benefit K.I.D.S!. Please donate to an amazing cause!

Let's start the bidding at with a $5 donation!!! Remember every bid MUST be in $5 increments to count! Please help a very worthy cause by posting your bid below!

**No other monetary compensation was received for this review - I was sent the product(s) to review at no cost to me. The views and opinions are strictly my own. Your results and views may be different.**
Giveaway is open to "Mainland" USA only (excludes Hawaii & Alaska). Giveaway will close on February 8th, 2011 at 9pm EST!

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