Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goals for April

By Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) at 2:17 AM
So wow, it's already April and I have no idea how that happened!!
I decided I need to set some goals for myself and TRY to accomplish all of them this month but if that's not possible, at least start on them.
  • Go through Makenna's old clothes and box up the ones that don't fit anymore!! I really have NO idea why 3-4T pants & shirts are in her dressers still, lol.
  • Schedule more mommy & daddy time! We used to go out all the time but now it's been so long since our lives got busier. I miss my hubby ♥
  • Start planning for John's b-day. Seeing how fast this year is going by May 15th seems like it's right around the corner, so I need to start my plans now.
  • Renew our Sea World annual passes. They expired a couple months ago and since it's been so cold I was not going to pay for days/months we were not going. Now it's beginning to be hot again so I should do this ASAP.
  • Go through everything we have in storage. Seriously, if it's at a storage unit then why the hell even have it?! That is beginning to not make sense to me. I OBVIOUSLY don't use the crap everyday so why have a $120 monthly bill if it's not needed. I need to condense this down so what's left can come back here and it can fit in our garage and the garage only!
  • Get a HUGE calender and start organizing my "Showering Mommy & Baby Giveaway Event" reviews better!
  • Get my hair cut and colored. And I don't want to hear it, I've read up on this subject enough to know that coloring your hair is actually NOT dangerous. If you feel it is, ok, that's fine, but from what I've read there is NOTHING wrong with it. So yeah, I need to do something with my hair.. maybe go back to my natural blonde. I am just not liking this brown anymore, I feel weighed down and it's too dark.
So I think that should be it.. unless something random pops up. But at least those are the goals I hope to fulfill! :)

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