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"Showering Mommy & Baby" Giveaway Event! - Joovy Stroller Review

By Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) at 7:48 PM
I of course was extremely excited when Pam of Joovy gave me the opportunity to review one of their amazingly strollers. Joovy makes an assortment of different family gear products but their strollers are my favorite!
Along with strollers Joovy makes playards, toys, accessories (rain covers, parent organizer, stroller chair pads, fitted sheet, etc), and their newest product is their "Nook" highchair (which looks pretty awesome if you ask me.... this may be our next purchase)!!

I was sent the Joovy Zoom 360 (jogging stroller) because I thought it'd be best to maneuver around all the crazy tourist at Disney World, & Sea World!

When the Fed-Ex truck arrived I was instantly glowing and so excited!! After the quick assembly that I did it by myself while John was at work, I was even more excited!! The instructions were sooo easy I didn't once question what I was doing and if I was doing something wrong.

The Zoom 360 has a very lightweight aluminum frame that has a 3-inch shock-absorbing suspension, which makes for an extremely smooth ride for your child.

The front wheel can be stationary or you move the easy release tab to make it swivel which made it easy to take sudden turns if someone stopped in front of us.
The deluxe nylon fabric comes with reflective tape on several different spots, front back and sides, so if your walking in the dark (or leaving the theme park at night and walking to the car in our case) you can be seen.
One of my absolute favorite things is the oversized, 3-position sun canopy with viewing window! I've never seen a sun canopy cover the seat area so well without blocking the child's view & has multiple positions!!
The Zoom 360 comes with a parent organizer with zippered pocked, two cup/bottle holders. It is removable so you can easily wash it or just take it off if you have something else you want to hang on the handlebar.

Question: What handle organizer have you ever seen that can perfectly hold a 32oz bottle of Gatorade (which yes, is the BIG bottle)?? The zipper pocket is just as deep so we were able to keep John's DSi (lol, yes he brought it to Disney for when Makenna was on a ride or something), our digital camera and a small bag of chips!

Sporting an easy to use deluxe 5-point harness (with reflective stitching) on the multi-position reclining seat, plus two mesh pockets on either side for your child to use. Makenna loved the chair because she was sitting high up and could see everything around her. I'm excited because once Kendall comes along she can easily use this stroller once she's at least 6 months old.

The folding was extremely easy that is done in the front of the stroller. Just lift a flap (marked "Fold") push down on a lever and pull up on the cord. It practically folds itself up at that point. The one complaint both John & I have is that once folded there is no where to hold the stroller. Getting on and off the trolley at Disney was a pain for John because he had to carry the stroller on both sides without a good place to grip it.
And even though the Zoom is pretty bulky it fit surprisingly well into both my car and John's car. I have a small 4-door car and John has a medium size 4-door car and it fit so well into both our trunks without any problem. Again, the only thing is lifting the stroller is a little annoying since there are no clear areas to grab & grip the stroller.

The Zoom 360 Specs:
  • Age: 6 Months
  • Max Weight: 75 pounds
  • Stroller Weight: 26.8 pounds
  • Stroller Dimensions: Height 45.5", Width 26.0, Length 36.5.
 The retail cost of the Joovy Zoom 260 is on the higher side at $269 but I think the cost is definitely worth it. If you're an active family (or really even if your not, like us) then investing in a great stroller is the key. The Joovy won't let you down any way shape or form, that's for sure.

Overall we have had nothing but a great experience with the Zoom 360 by Joovy. If you're looking for a stylish yet very durable stroller, plus one that gives you and your child the smoothest ride then definitely the Joovy Zoom is the stroller for you.

[[GO BUY IT:]]
The Joovy Zoom 360 retails for $269.00

**No other monetary compensation was received for this review - I was sent the product(s) to review at no cost to meThe views and opinions are strictly my own. Your results and views may differ.**

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