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"Showering Mommy & Baby" Giveaway Event! - Matooka Kids Couture Review

By Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) at 11:36 PM

If there is one thing the creators of Matooka, a new contemporary girl’s clothing line, know it is little girls. Best friends and now business partners, Yona Elishis and Daniella Kuhl grew up in Toronto surrounded by girls. Each one of six sisters and with eight daughters between them, Yona and Daniella, both former lawyers, launched Matooka in 2009 after leaving behind the safety of their legal careers, to create a line that both mommies and daughters would love, and that would exhibit a European esthetic at an economical price point. 

Their collections feature fun pieces that are contemporary and edgy but also young and sweet, the playful collections are already being sold in over twenty stores in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Toronto. 

These wonderful ladies are also giving back!!
 Matooka is donating 10% of all profits to research in infertility and to families undergoing costly assisted reproductive treatments!!

Makenna was sent the shirt and skirt from their "Let Loose" line in a size 6!

These mom designers definitely know what they are doing when making stylish fun clothes!
Makenna instantly wanted to put them on and keep them on! She wears this outfit just just out and about when going to the grocery store and she's also worn it to a fancy party we went to a few weeks ago. Either way she is gets compliments, I get questions and everyone is happy!!

The lines are very kids couture but still very livable and fun. As you see the aqua-blue shirt has a satin ribbon laced through the neckline. The ribbon is attached at the shoulders but can be tied wherever you like just be feeding the silk through the opposite way.
The Stain skirt is form fitting with just an elastic waistband. I was extremely nervous at first because Makenna is very slim and usually she can barely wear a size 5 without them falling off her but surprisingly the skirt fit just fine. Either way the way these clothes are structured and designed Makenna will be able to wear them for a long time.

I've been hand washing the outfit and it comes out just as good as new.

Your daughter will definitely be stylish in this fun and fancy new company that's on the rise. I promise you, you buy her some of these outfits and you'll be sure to be getting lots of questions & compliments because no one around will be wearing anything like it!

Trendy and dressy...

to casual!

Be sure to stop by their Facebook page and "like" it so you can always be updated on the new and upcoming things coming from this great company!

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You can shop at two of the online stores that carry the Matooka name:

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