Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get Her Outta Me!... Please?

By Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) at 2:23 PM
Yeah, I'm officially over it. Everyone talks about the joys and love of pregnancy but I just cannot do it. Sure, from the moment we saw those 2 pink lines it was love and excitement... don't get me wrong, BUT I am hating life right about now.
Who says pregnancy has to be about butterflies and rainbows anyway? 'Cause I'd really love to punch that bitch in the face!! She's a stupid whore, and I hate her!
Yes, my pregnancy has been "uneventful", so much so that even though I was already supposed to start seeing my Doctor every two weeks she thought it was unnecessary since everything has been going so smoothly. Am I blessed, yes, and I know this but that doesn't take away from how crappy I constantly feel.

 So here's my bitch fest :)
  • I am sick of the 24/7 acid reflux. I swear my throat is on fire and everyone sees the flames and is just not telling me! Taking Zantac twice a day only helps sometimes but not always. Thank god, EMAB is sending me their "Heartburn Tea" so hopefully that will begin to help!
  • The fact that I feel like I'm a freaking beached whale when I step foot in the pool or on the actual beach is just not sitting well with me either.
  • Breathing? What the hell is that because ummmmmm I don't think I can EVER catch my breath. I try to talk to... anyone... and I have to stop about 20times in a 2 minute long sentence because I feel like I'm going to pass the eff out!
  • Sleep is officially a thing of the past now. I do not think I've gotten a full night's sleep going on about 3 weeks now. It is so uncomfortable to sit, stand, lay on my side, lay on my back.. I have no idea what to do! Even sitting to be on the computer kills me after a few minutes, so I try to get in bed and be on the computer but nope...that gets uncomfortable in 2 minutes.
  • My patience is longggg gone out of the window. My daughter is pretty much always on my nerves. I try not to take my misery out on her but damn it is so freakin' hard. John and I have been devoting A LOT more time to her so she doesn't feel like we hate her now or something. I hardly doubt she feels anything differently but of course I especially feel bad about snapping at her.
  • Being hot 24/7! It's close to 100 degrees PLUS 60% humidity here in Florida and seriously it's unbearable!! After a while of having the a/c blasting in the car John will instinctively turn is down a few notches since the car has "cooled down" but everyone is failing to realize that the whole time it was blasting to me it felt like it was on low, lol. So everyone has to freeze just to make me A LITTLE bit comfortable.
So yeah.. those are just a few of my issues with pregnancy. I'm only 32 weeks and if I hear one more person say, "aw only 8 more weeks to go" I'm gonna kill them! ONLY?!?? ONLY, people...??? I want these 8 weeks to go by faster then anyone in the world realizes. Yes, it was 6 years ago that I dealt with a summer pregnancy but I do not remember it being this insanely miserable :( In fact I was so much fine with it that I even let my pregnancy go to 41 weeks. This time, I am almost to the point of telling the doctor and John that I want to be induced as soon as I can, because I do not think I can hold out till August 4th!

At least I know from our appointment yesterday that she is head down and getting ready for her lovely decent. I know she hasn't fully dropped or anything yet because I can still walk :) With Makenna it literally felt like someone was taking each of my legs and ripping them apart in the opposite direction. So far, I'm not feeling THAT much pain when I walk... but we're getting there, believe me.

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I'm a full-time mummy on June 9, 2010 at 2:30 PM said...

Oh wow! Sorry to hear about your problems. I hope you'll feel better soon!

I had a very smooth pregnancy & natural delivery with my boy (15 months old now) but I do remember when I reached my 8 months of pregnancy, I practically asked myself everyday 'how long more?!' - the tiredness, sleeping problems, foot cramps, nerve pains on my foot not to mention I can't even see my foot anymore when I stood up... but nevertheless, all this will soon be forgotten once you give birth... or until you came across reading articles like yours and brings back the memories of it... :P

Hang in there! :D

Lisa G on June 9, 2010 at 4:40 PM said...

I feel your pain! I am done being prego too. I am only 29 weeks, but The aches and pains can STOP already. LOL Hang in there...well you probably don't want to hear that either....It's not like you can or can't hang in....The baby is there and you HAVE to wait it out! I am a praying gal, so i will be praying for time to speed up! for you and for me! LOL!

Mama Campbell on June 9, 2010 at 6:52 PM said...

I know how you feel. I'll be 33 weeks on Friday &I swear my patience has left long long ago. I'm getting most of those symptoms now & the lovely leg cramps too. But I'm not counting down the weeks, but instead thankful for every week this little guy stays inside. My 2nd dd was born at 33 weeks, 6 days, so I will gladly take the next 7ish weeks of being in pain and grouchy if that means we're more likely to go home together--no NICU stay. Try to cherish these last few weeks if you can! Just remember that pregnancy will eventually end & when that baby's in your arms, you'll forget all of your pains. :o)

The Jacobsen Family! on June 10, 2010 at 1:31 AM said...

The end is always the worst!! And you're right, those last weeks DO NOT go as fast as we miserable pregnant mommies need!!!
As far as the acid reflux, have you asked your dr if you can use Zantac? I haven't gotten to that point yet (I may soon!) but a few of my friends had it so bad and said the Zantac was a life saver!! You may see about it? At least it would ease one of the miseries you are experiencing!

Danielle on June 23, 2010 at 11:54 PM said...

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