Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Baby Shopping List

By Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) at 10:25 PM
Getting ready for Kendall has been an experience. I know it's weird but I feel like I don't know anything anymore and I was [almost] completely clueless on what I actually needed for Kendall once she's here. I mean, c'mon, it's been pretty much 6 years since I've had to worry about buying anything for a baby like this.

Like I said in my Prego Planner review/giveaway they have a checklist of baby needs and even though I'm using it, I wanted to make a post about my checklist. I can just come on here and mark off what we already have. Maybe now I'll be more organized? Who knows.
The checklist kinda overwhelmed me but once I saw we had almost every thing we need for her first few months of life I am now more excited. I felt like we still needed everything in the world but I was wrong.

So is there anything I'm leaving off that we ABSOLUTELY need???

Crib and/or bassinet
Crib bedding
Crib mattress
Mattress pad
Waterproof crib liner
Fitted sheets (2-3)
Sleep Positioner
Receiving blankets (4-5)
Changing table
Changing pad
Changing pad covers
Rocker/glider - don't need
Nursery monitor
Night Light

Wipes warmer - don't need.
Travel pack for wipes
Diaper bag
Diaper pail and refills
Rash ointment
Changing pad
Diaper stacker

Homecoming outfit
Bibs (5-10)
Burp cloths
Booties and socks
Hats (2-4)
Footed rompers
Sweaters - don't need
Swaddle blanket
Baby laundry detergent
Stain remover
Baby clothes hangers

First aid supplies
Medicine dispenser
Baby fever reducer
Nasal aspirator
Baby brush and comb
Nail clippers

Safety gate
Corner guards
Outlet covers
Drawer latches
Cabinet locks
Toilet locks

Infant car seat
Car seat base for 2nd car
Full-Size stroller
Lightweight stroller
Stroller rain shield
Stroller toys
Infant car mirror
Pack and play

Feeding Supplies
Bottle Sterilizer - don't need
Bottle brush
Bottle warmer - don't need
Bottle drying rack
Nursing pillow
Breast pump
Nursing pads
Nursing cream
Breast shields
Nursing bras
Nursing gown
Milk storage bags
Travel formula dispenser
Pacifier clips
Gas relief drops
High chair
Meal mat
Infant spoons
Sippy cups

Washcloths (5-10)
Baby wash
Baby shampoo
Baby lotion
Bath toys
Hooded towels (2-4)

Toys and More
Bouncer seat
Play gym
Crib mirror
Walker / jumper
Toy Chest

Books and Music 
Preggo Planner
Pregnancy books
Childbirth books
Breastfeeding books
Parenting books
Baby book
Educational music
Lullaby music

Baby sling
Baby wrap
Birth announcements
Thank you cards
Picture frames
Growth chart
Baby calendar


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Laina on June 18, 2010 at 8:47 AM said...

this sounds great. I never had a sleep positioner for Becca...I just rolled up towels on each side of her and they worked perfectly.
I'm sure it will all come back to you once your baby is here, you'll figure it out as you go along :) What a prepared little planner you are...reminds me of myself :) I had lists galore! :)

Rebecca on June 19, 2010 at 10:48 PM said...

Soothies makes these breast pads that are amazing for the first couple of weeks if you nurse. Also, just a tip, give baby the gas drops before every feeding. It keeps the bubbles smaller so they don't hurt so bad when they get into their gut. The drops don't effect anything other than the stomach and gut, so it's perfectly healthy to give it to them all the time. I got this hint from my cousin and it's worked miracles for Oz's gas issues!!

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