Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A New Love -- Sleepy Wrap Review

By Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) at 10:50 AM
With Makenna I had one of those regular store bought carrier things. I NEVER wore it though. It was so uncomfortable and really, not cute at all. I decided that babywearing was definitely not for me.
Once I was pregnant with Kendall I soon saw that there were soo many carrier options out there and one of those were called wraps. I honestly had NO idea what a wrap was so I was pretty excited when I given the chance to review a Sleepy Wrap.

Since I didn't know what a wrap was of course I didn't know what to expect. I soon discovered it was a really long piece of fabric that you wrap around your body in different ways to achieve different ways of holding your baby. I was extremely intimidating when I unwrapped it and saw really how long it was. I was sent a small but I still thought it was too long and maybe I was sent the wrong size, lol.

The fabric is super comfy, and stretchy. The first few times I wore Kendall I found that after wearing her for a while, she started to sag a little lower. Now that I've done it more and more often I found the wrap just needed to be tied really tightly. I made it where it’s a little too tight in the beginning but after a while it was the perfect fit.

The fabric is lightweight and breatheable but because there is so much fabric wrapped around my body it still becomes a little hot to wear for long periods of time here in Florida. I wear it mostly around the house since of course I'm in an air conditioned place so both Kendall and myself stay comfortable.
Like I've mentioned before I EP (exclusively pump breast milk) so of course that means bottles in this house. When we went out to the mall I was hoping Kendall wouldn't get hungry 'cause I wasn't sure how I'd feed her. Soon she became fussy and hungry. I was easily able to just place the bottle in Kendall's mouth with her head sideways. I leaned the bottle up against my shoulder and the fabric easily held it in place. After a while Kendall started to move around and when I looked down I saw the bottle was empty. I COMPLETELY forgot she was in there eating, that's how comfortable and easy everyting was.

When tying your wrap one of the most important things you must remember is your baby should always be close enough to kiss!
The baby's head should be close enough to you that you can bend down and easily kiss the top of her head. If you cannot bend far enough to reach the baby, then she is too low. If the baby is too low, there is a higher risk of breathing difficulty, and you may feel that the baby is insecure or may fall out of the carrier. Wearing a baby too low will also cause backaches. (from from Melissa Radcliffe)
Both Kendall and I LOVE this wrap. When she's really fussy I can quickly put her in the wrap and I'd say sometimes within 3-5minutes she's in a deep sleep. At that point it makes it easier for me to do so much around the house or just sit and tweet with everyone in peace!

Side note: technically there is not a weight restrictions since the design of the baby wrap equally distributes the weight of your baby so there are no pressure points on mom or baby. It has been tested at 45 pounds and showed no signs of stress or overuse. (per Sleepy Wrap site).
I decided to test this theory with my 5 year old 38lb daughter.
Honestly it probably needed to be tied tighter because I was only able to hold her for maybe 5 minutes. I'm 5'4" and I weigh 120lbs so it was pretty hard on my shoulders to hold her. Again, I think if I was able to make it tighter it would have been ok but I wrapped her up pretty quickly so it's probably my own fault I couldn't wear her longer.
The picture from the Sleepy Wrap website is with a 5 year old girl as well but both mom & daughter look comfortable and happy...
Sleepy Wrap has changed my mind on babywearing and I now have a whole new love for it. Kendall is a swaddle loving baby and I know wearing her gives her the same comfort that swaddling does.

The Classic Sleepy Wrap like the one I recieved is $39.99.
Yyou can recieve 10% off your order using the code: Double until 10/9/2010

**No other monetary compensation was received for this review - I was sent the product(s) to review at no cost to me. The views and opinions are strictly my own. Your results and views may be different.**

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