Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dapple Review

By Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) at 9:49 AM
I can be a very obsessive clean freak. Recently I realized there aren't many "baby friendly" products tailored to the things babies put in their mouths.

The people at Dapple have realized the same thing and have created natural baby products.

"It became our mission to find a better way – and create a line of products that were natural and safe for our babies, but also specifically targeted to clean the unique messes they leave behind. With the help and hard work of several experienced pediatricians and a team of seasoned green chemists, Dapple was born. Today, Dapple offers a full line of cleaners tailor-made for households with young children."

Dapple offers: dish liquid, Dishwasher powder, Toy cleaner spray & wipes, and detergent.

All Dapple of the natural cleaner products use natural-based ingredients that are environmentally-safe, biodegradable, and free of parabens, SLES, and phthalates, as well as synthetic dyes or fragrances.

I was given the Dapple toy cleaner and a sample of the Dapple dish liquid.

Since we are into the cold/flu season I knew I'd be using the toy cleaner like crazy! As soon as we got the cleaner I went a little nuts and started cleaning everything that Makenna owns.

There was no odor or smell associated with them and after cleaning them I felt safe to let my daughter immediately put them in her mouth {cant be clean for to long ya know}! And to my surprise the wipes didn't just make the toys clean it made them look brand new. Some of the toys we cleaned had sticky handles or pieces and once we cleaned them with the Toy wipes they weren't sticky anymore.But the that wasn't the best part.. It was easy to clean them. It stickiness just seemed to disappear without much work. We now carry these wipes in our diaper bag so when the normal toy throwing happens I can clean them and feel safe giving them back to her.

With all the scary things in the news about chemicals harming our children its nice to know there's a company out there creating a product with babies in mind! Every Saturday we do a deep clean house cleaning day so every week I use the Dapple Toy cleaner on all of Makenna & Kendall's toys.

I was also given a little sample of Dapple's Dish Liquid its another one of their organic baby products that make cleaning and keeping your child safe easier. I absolutely hate putting Kendall's bottles in the dishwasher & actually since about April I've been trying to be very eco and money savvy and I hardly ever use the dishwasher in the first place (except when we have family over or there is just a massive amount of dishes). Even so, before recieving the Dapple dish soap I wasn't very excited about having to use my regular dish liquid to clean Kendall's bottles with. Who knows what kind of crazy chemicals I'm using to clean the very same bottle she's about to drink my precious milk from!

To really test out the products cleaning ability I specifically left a bottle on the counter once Kendall was done drinking it. No matter how much she tries there is always a little bit of milk left over in bottles of course, so after two days (yes... TWO!) with the bottle top close I decided it was time. Because these soaps are tailored to remove things like dried up milk I figured I'd give it a try. To my surprise no hard scrubbing was necessary and there so absolutly no odor left in the bottle once I was done washing it, and better yet there was NO FILM on them after it had dried.

I love Dapple & the fact that they thought ot make organic baby products. I can definitely breathe a little easier knowing these products are natural cleaners and completely safe for my daughters. I would highly recommend these and any of the other Dapple products to every parent out there. Can you ever be too concious of the things in your home and the things your kids come in contact with on a daily basis? I think not :)
You can purchase both these items in bulk for amazing prices! The Toy Cleaner is just $41.94 for 6 (16.9 oz) bottles and the Dish Liquid is also $41.94 for a case of 6 {16.9 oz) bottles.
These are also available individually at select retail locations like Babies R Us!
**No other monetary compensation was received for this review - I was sent the product(s) to review at no cost to me. The views and opinions are strictly my own. Your results and views may be different.

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