Monday, June 20, 2011

family vacation

By Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) at 2:41 PM
As some of you know we were planning a family vacation this week. A first as a family even before Kendall. For reasons beyond our control we cannot go to where where we planned. Since everyone last minute cost so much we decided to stay in town and visit the theme parks and water parks instead.

Even though our family vacation still involved being in state our destination was about 2+ hours away, on the beach, no one we knew would be there so it would be a real vacation. What I've been dying to do is plan a vacation to Europe though. Who doesn't want to go to Europe once in their life time? The history, the scenery, the crystal blue waters, and so much more, it's perfect.

Recently I compiled a list of my top 10 Europian vacation spots that I'd love to visit one day. Some of these I'd take the kids to but it would be amazing if just John and I could visit these places alone. First thing's first, we'd have to catch a flight to the UK which I'm assuming it would be easier to just call a travel agency for such a huge trip like this.

Sicily, Italy Family on John's mom's side is all from Sicily so this would be like home to him. It would be awesome to see an ocean so beautiful. did you know Sicily is the largest Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea? I'd also love to visit The Island of Pantelleria which is a dormant volcano on the Phlegrarean Fields of the Strait of Sicily.

Athens, Greece. John is a HUGE lover of Greek Mythology. He talks about it all the time, loves reading about it, watching movies on it, ect. Bringing him to Athens so we can both take in all the sights would be perfect.

Venice, Italy. The Floating City. Hello?! I think I said enough :) I am dying to try some authentic Italian food that everyone tries to replicate here in the states

London, England. Ever since watching the Friend's episode where Ross got married to Emily in London I've wanted to go. The Palace, the guards, driving on the other side of the street. So cool.

Scotland. I will see the Loch Ness Monster! :D

Norway. Some of the family on my dad's side is from Norway so I'd love to see where my family comes from.

Paris, France. Fashion and accents = perfect. I've always wanted to be kissed under the Eiffel Tower so that'd be a huge plus of this vacation spot.

Rome, Italy. Vatican City, the Colosseum, and the Catacombs. Rome has so much ancient history it would take a whole vacation dedicated just to it so we could visit everything.

Barcelona, Spain. We'd definitely have to learn some Spanish since in Barcelona they mainly speak only two languages: Spanish and Catalan. I have some spanish in me and I could definitely enjoy some authentic spanish food.

Amsterdam. Besides the infamous Red Light District that would we definitely not be visiting, Amsterdam is beautiful and has some amazing things to do. I've heard there are stunning old canals that you can check out via water side only and Artis - Holland's oldest Zoo which is complete with a Butterfly Pavilion!

So that's where I would take my family! If you could go anywhere (of course let's not think about how low our bank accounts really are) right now, where would you go?

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Rachel on June 21, 2011 at 8:03 AM said...

bummer :( Though, kinda funny, since one of our dream trips is to get to head to Florida-(Sanibel Island and) Orlando for all the parks with the kids someday (just trying to figure out when I won't be pregnant/kids will all be a "good" age for Disney and such)

whocg23 on June 21, 2011 at 1:27 PM said...

We have a few dream vacations.
One is Disney for our kids. We want to make awesome memories with each child in Disney.
Also we would love to do a European trip. It would be educational for the kids and just something great to do as a family. We want to visit many of the different countries. England would be a major one with London and Harrogate being two big stops for us.
We would also do Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany?, Chech Republic.
Also we would love to do a summer road trip of the US. We would rent a camper and see how many states we can get to. :)

Andrea G. on June 21, 2011 at 2:25 PM said...

I HIGHLY recommend Rome! My husband and I were there for a little over two weeks (we left Christmas Eve for London, stayed in London for the weekend, then flew down to Rome and stayed the remaining time there).


Anyway, my next dream vacation is Egypt. I would love to see all the history. I wouldn't mind Venice either.

akritical on June 21, 2011 at 7:31 PM said...

I would love to go to Paris one day. That trip is way down the road though. There are a few places in the States I still would like to visit, like Hawaii, Vegas, California.

Princess Mom on June 22, 2011 at 1:11 PM said...

If I could pick somewhere to go right now.. I would pick Hawaii!!! But I would settle for Huntington Beach too!!!

Jennifer H on June 28, 2011 at 8:41 PM said...

My family is from Sicily too! :) I highly suggest Rome, that is our all time fav city-we've been twice! On our first anniversary we also hit Paris and Venice, both were awesome! We took our lil man to Spain and did a med cruise, that was pretty neat, but my least fav out of the trips.

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