Thursday, July 28, 2011

new living room... maybe

By Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) at 12:23 PM
We've been trying to slowly redocorate the house for some time now (Kendall's room, the patio furniture, getting a new grill, our bedroom...) but what about the most visited in room in the house - the living room!

We've been looking to a variety of sofa sets to replace our current set. The set we have matching perfectly with the other furniture and the walls but it stains extremely easy and now that we have a baby running around there have been spots showing up here and there because of her messy little hands. So I need something comfortable but kid friendly - yeah ok! Oh, and I also don't want grandma furniture with plastic all over it, lol.

Another option I brought up is getting a cheap sectionals couch. We have a regular couch, love seat and ottoman right now but why not a sectional. It makes seating easier because no one will fight for the loveseat. I have no idea why it's the favorite place to sit in our house but it is. Four people trying to squeeze onto this thing isn't a pretty sight, take my word for it.

Ew and John he brought up getting a black leather sofas but um yeah sorry we live in Florida and sticking to a couch when I'm trying to get up is not my idea of a good time! He has always been on a leather kick. Even his car has leather seats. I wasn't around when he purchased this said car but I always complain when we have to take it places. It's too freakin' hot and it's black! Seriously, I have no idea what his 16 year old head was thinking... actually I think I do but let's not go there.

So anyway, we have so much to think about and I was really hoping to get this remodel done before I left for BlogHer. Doesn't really look like that's going to happen though *sigh* I suppose that just means I have to listen to leather seat talk for a few more weeks till I can convince him it's not going to happen.

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tubbytelly at gmail dot com on September 8, 2011 at 7:44 PM said...

I am always thinking about redecorating and my husband is always thinking about renovating. We're hopeless.

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