Monday, March 1, 2010

Calm down Mrs. Emotional

By Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) at 1:08 AM
Seriously, this pregnancy is going by way too fast. I feel like I'm waking up each day and a month has gone by. My 1st pregnancy felt like it took forever and this time around it is the complete opposite. Which this pregnancy is the complete opposite in EVERY way possible from my 1st come to think of it. It makes me sad that it's going by so fast. But on the other hand I'm so excited it's going by fast because the sooner I see my baby the happier I am.
Just as I thought I was getting in control of my emotions again, I feel like I'm losing a grip on them once more. Today I was kissing John goodbye and while hugging him I began to cry. Of course he's like, "Why are you crying?!" (like I'm crazy) and it was because I didn't want him to leave. Seriously, he leaves everyday and I guess today was just an off day and my stupid tears just decided to come out and say "HI!". It was weird for me and in the midst of all it all I began to laugh 'cause I knew I was being crazy.

Anyways, Makenna has also began to get on every nerve possible. Yes, she's 5 and that happens regardless sometimes, but, she has begun to very much so get into this faze of "why this" and "why that" every 2 seconds. She wants to know why somebody did something or said something! On a normal day to day basis this would not bother me and granted it's the only thing she is doing that is annoying me, BUT I don't want anything to annoy me. I just want us to watch "Tinkerbell & The Lost Treasure" without hearing "why did Clarence do that, mommy" when we've watched her movie about 32 times since Santa brought it for her last year, so she knows why Clarence did "that"! lol.

My point is, I just want my emotions to stop being crazy. I want to be able to watch a commercial for Oprah and not get teary eyed when she is talking about her next show on Family Reunions. Is that too much to ask?

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