Monday, April 5, 2010

23 Weeks!!

By Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) at 12:55 AM
-How far along? 22 weeks.

-How big is baby? Over a pound and about 11 1/2 inches. (click on pic to see it bigger)
-Weight gain/loss? 128. Up: 16lbs from pre-pregnancy.

-Maternity clothes? Still have my 1 "NY GIANTS" Motherhood Maternity shirt. I do have some shirts coming in the mail though. And even with my B-Buckle I am beginning to not be able to wear my jeans anymore :(

-Stretchies? Nothing new! At this point that's all I can ask for!

-Sleep? Same ol'. She is not keeping me up (yet...)

-Best moment this week? um. Not sure. Nothing happened in the past week... besides her moving more and more.

-Movement? Oh yeah, the past 2 weeks went from really nothing major to kicking like a soccer player!

-Food cravings? Pretty much any food.

-Gender? GIRL!!

-Labor signs? None.

-Belly button in or out? Still in!! Hopefully it stays that way.

-What I miss? Being able to stand for more then 5 minutes before getting tired. Also, in those 5 minutes not having to pee 1 million times.

-What I am looking forward to? Seeing Kendall!

-Weekly wisdom? Just when you think you're done peeing... sit there longer!

So I have my 23 week appointment tomorrow. How freaking weird. I swear it feels like I was just 8 weeks yesterday. My jeans cannot be buttoned anymore, which is a sad thing. I can still zip them though so yay! Lol.
My regular shirts are a thing of the past and I'm always in tank tops, which hey, it's not hot as hell outside so of course I'd be wearing only tank tops anyways. I do have some cute ass maternity/nursing tops coming in the mail. Hopefully they should come tomorrow by the looks of the UPS tracker!

"SHOWERING MOMMY & BABY EVENT" -- If you haven't noticed, it's well under way!! I'm excited but wow, it is TONS of work for an event, let alone just a few reviews and giveaways. I have well over 100 "sponsors" and would you call me crazy because I STILL browse around and email multiple companies each and every day for more sponsorships? It's like an addiction now, I swear. So head over to the Reviews and Giveaways page and start entering my fabulous giveaways!

After my appointment tomorrow I'm going to be posting maybe 5 more reviews/giveaways so be sure to come back and check them out!

So while I'd love to stay and chat... it's 1am so I must be going to dream land! :)

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Samantha @ Mama Notes on April 5, 2010 at 2:34 AM said...

you are so cute! Feel free to add your post url link to my mrlinky on my recent blog post for all pregnancy updates! :)

Mariah on April 5, 2010 at 10:02 AM said...

Aw I'm so happy for you! I don't have any little girls :( just me and three boys, four boys if you count their dad. I'm hosting a group project on my blog if you wanna check it out. All you have to do is submit your best Easter photo of the kids to my email. You could win an Easter collage for framing or whatever. Also, because I don't have any girls to spoil, I could make something special for your baby girl. You know, as like a shower gift I guess. Well, let me know if you're interested. BTW, great blog. I'm subscribing. Good luck with baby.

Rebecca on April 5, 2010 at 11:20 AM said...

you are still looking great!! Today is my 31 week appt. We are going every other week now!! I can't believe how close we're getting!!

I was wondering, how do you put in your signature on every post?? I'd like to steal that idea. =P

Rebecca on April 5, 2010 at 12:00 PM said...

We're having another boy. I am far too impatient to be surprised. haha. His name is Owen Zechariah, but we call him Oz.

HotHarmony on April 7, 2010 at 4:41 PM said...

You look great, found you through Mama Notes. I hope it all goes by smoothly.

Tree on April 7, 2010 at 11:28 PM said...

Adorable...I love baby bumps!! By the way, have an award on my blog. :)


P.S. I would also love to invite you to join my new community network for mom bloggers...Mommies Faves Mom Bloggers Network. Hope to see you there soon!

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